Czech Paraplegics Association (CZEPA) is a civic, non-profit organization of people with spinal cord injury (SCI) established in 1990. In CZEPA we believe that everyone has the same right to live normal life – including family, work and other activities regardless of whether they have handicap or not. Our mission is to protect rights and interests of people with SCI. We offer our services to wheelchair users from all over Czech Republic.


The civic organization Union of Paraplegics which was established in 1990 fulfilled their long-term goal – improve the health care for people with spinal cord injury (SCI).

In 1994 Union of Paraplegics opened informational and rehabilitation center for people with SCI named “Centrum Paraple”. We had run this non-state health care center until 2010.

In the early nineties’ there was only one spinal unit for the whole Czech Republic located in Brno. Many people with SCI were forced to be treated in local hospitals which resulted in worsening of their health problems. Union of Paraplegics helped to open three more spinal units in Ostrava, Liberec and Prague.

Union of Paraplegics changed its name to Czech Paraplegics Association (CZEPA) after the separation of “Centrum Paraple” from Union of Paraplegics in 2010.


Nowadays, CZEPA works on a lot of projects such as:

  • location of people with SCI with an offer of help and support
  • consulting services for people with SCI and for their relatives in social and health area
  • providing social workers and specialists of spinal issues
  • propagation of SCI and its effects on bulletins, publications, DVD’s,…
  • support of people with SCI in their regions through community meetings
  • sharing tips and advices between people with SCI through community portal
  • mobile application and website – wheelchair accessible map not only for Czech Republic
  • all-star second-hand shop “Hvězdný bazar“ with workplaces for wheelchair users
  • renting the wheelchairs, seat cushions, wheels and other spare parts
  • renting the two cars with special manual driving for wheelchair users
  • educational and safety campaigns preventing new injuries by exhibitions of pictures of people with SCI
  • cooperation with medical and rehabilitation institutions (spinal units, rehabilitation centers, Paraple Center, Paracenter Fenix etc.)
  • influencing the legislation


Česká asociace paraplegiků - CZEPA, z.s.

Dygrýnova 816/8
Praha 14 - Černý Most
198 00

Provozní doba:
po - pá: 8:30 - 16:30 hod.

+420 775 980 952

CZEPA´s patron

Karel Schwarzenberg